Plague! Outbreaks! Heroism! Tapping! Can you save the world?

Idle Outbreak is an idle clicker where you are the hero. Diseases have broken out all over the world, and you must tap them out. Join the Center of Disease Eradication and take control of Ambulances, Labs, Garages, and other Assets to assist your fight for humanity’s survival.

Developed specifically for the iPad and iPhone, Idle Outbreak pushes you to the limit with its innovative strategy both online and offline.

Sweeten that cure for Lymon Disease, find the elusive Small Fox, and the rebel against the dominating CZARS.

  • 24 icky, gooey, wacky diseases to fight
  • Earn achievements while saving humanity
  • Earn Prestige through deals, actions and special offers
  • Fast-paced online offline action
  • Hundreds of upgrades