HeroCard Orc Wars

Deep within the orcish caverns, the drums begin to beat. High in the treetops, the watch sounds the horns of the hunt. The Clans are on the move, the ancient war begins anew. The Elven Champions gather, test their weapons, draw up their resolve.

Under the earth, the Orcish King rails against the Elves, exhorting his troops to blood-frenzy. The Queen of the Elves bids her heroes to her, impresses upon them the nature of their task. Tonight the battle will rage. A thousand Orcs will come to slaughter, and a handful of Elves will return the favor.

HeroCard OrcWars is an asymmetrical fantasy game of fierce combat for two players. OrcWars comes as a two player game with the Paladin and Orc King hero decks. It can be expanded to four players with additional HeroCard decks and figures.

HeroCard OrcWars is expanded by:

HeroCard Orc Wars Ranger Expansion Deck
HeroCard Orc Wars Sorceress Expansion Deck