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Choose your mode.
When you first start the game you choose if you want to play VR or Mobile.

VR Confirm
If you are going to play VR, tap on VR button and put the device into your headset. You will see a reticule in the center of the screen. Center that reticule on the button that says I'm Ready. The button will turn blue when you look at it. Tap on the button when it is blue (you will need to use your headset tap system).

If you are going to play Moble tap Mobile and lift your phone up to face the wall in front of you.


Start Game
When you are ready in the garage click start to play.


Get the Kitties.
In the house you will see Kitties appear. Point your divice right at them so the reticule dot is on them. Tap to launch your cheese and get those kitties.


Watch out for doors and corners
The kitties like to hide in right on the other side of the mouse holes and in the corners of the rooms. Be sure to look around.


3 lives
Unlike the kitteis you only get 3 lives. You can look down and see how many hearts you have to know how many lives are left.


High Score
If you get a new high score you will see the high score machine. Tap on the top or bottom of each letter to make it turn over. When you are ready click ready.