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Idle OutbreakTips
Toaster Popup

Toaster Popups. Whenthere is an outbreak an orange Toaster Popup will appear on the bottom of the screen. Tapping it will automatically add it to the outbreak tray and open the popup.


4 finger tap

4 Finger Tap
. When you are fighting against an outbreak. You can tap with more fingers to cure faster. Each finger will apply your Care Team against the Outbreak. If your Care Team is 50, each finger will apply 50 cure, and using all 4 fingers will apply 200!

  Cure the easy ones first
The Lab

The Lab
. You will unlock the Lab after you cure your first Tier 2 Outbreak. In the Lab you will be able to research Diseases. Each level of research will help both the assigned assets and the Care Team Tapping. Remember that you can only research as many Diseases as you have levels in the Lab.

  Sunsetting Diseases