Kat Atak Coaster
Kat Atak Coaster

Watch the TrailerCute Internet Kitties - It's a plot!
Evil Dr. Kitkat has a nefarious scheme to take over the world and is using cute kitties to do it. Humans are completely in his thrall by internet mind control. It is up to you, Erin Pepper to defeat him. You have set up a blazing fast coaster to clear the house of as many cute kitties as you can.

Ride the coaster and destroy the kitties by firing your cheese at them. Keep your eyes wide because they can pop up any where. The cheese is loaded and the Kart is ready to roll.

Mow n Go Racin

Mow N' Go Racin' is the latest game from TableStar. Check out our pre-release information. If you want to sign up as a playtester then fill out the survey.

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