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In War Clouds, Wealth of Nations' first official expansion, you can now build armies and take the fight from the Markets to the table!

March your Military Units into your enemy's primary Industry and disrupt their production. But make sure your enemy hasn't planned his economy better, or you may face overwhelming opposition to your military front.

This expansion gives several optional rules to add new ways to play Wealth of Nations. Add terrain to change the board, add the new integrated Economy Tile to change your economy, and add fast-play rules to speed up the game.

Buy War Clouds today today, and give Wealth of Nations some brand new firepower!

wealth of nations

Wealth of Nations

In Wealth of Nations, you must lead your nation from its simple beginnings to an economic superpower. Choose to specialize in one Industry and monopolize that Market, or compete with your neighbors in a valuable Industry and share the wealth! Or course, if you overspeculate and overproduce, you might collapse your own economy. How will you build your nation?

super industry tiles

Super Industry Tiles

The world progresses through its economies and industries. In this expansion for Wealth of Nations, be the first to capitalize on this progress with new Super Industry Tiles! These new tiles may be a little more expensive, but they will provide either the flexibility or the increased production you need to dominate the economic landscape! Get them now and supercharge your game!

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